Rose A. Treviño-Whitaker

Unpaved roads. Lack of proper sewage. Inadequate water. Rose A. Treviño-Whitaker grew up among these third-world conditions that plague some colonias—mostly Latino unincorporated settlements in South Texas. That’s why she dedicated her career to preventing disease and promoting public health as a researcher at the Institute for Health Promotion Research (IHPR) at the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio. Born in the Valley of South Texas Rose is a high achiever and already up to her eyeballs in cancer research and health promotion. Rose has aslo helped create culturally relevant educational booklets and modules, as well as manuals.
“Education is the biggest factor in determining an individual’s health,” she said. “I enjoy having that one on one contact with the community and being able to educate those that want to learn and improve their lives. I enjoy being able to provide and make available education and culturally relevant materials and tools, eliminating some of the barriers for Spanishspeaking populations,” said Rose.
Rose is a first genereation college grad and  received her bachelors in community health from Texas A&M University and her masters in Public Health with a concentration in health disparities from The University of Texas School of Public Health.
"Éxito! has ignited and solidified my decision of applying for a doctoral program in the near future," said Rose.